Writey whiteboard paint Malaysia

Our partner Writey Australia makes Australia’s best whiteboard paint product. Writey was founded to bring creativity and collaboration to spaces that never could before.

Writey whiteboard paint WHITE
WriteyPaint | WHITE

Think Big. Write Big. Take any space to the next level by turning it into a totally dry erase able surface with Writey White Whiteboard Paint. Our single part solution eliminates the mixing process that all Low Odour 2 Part Paints require. Cover entire wall spaces from floor to ceiling making it easy-to-change notes and charts without the size limitation of traditional whiteboards. So you know what to do, ditch the old and get with the new! *Like all other light colour paints, when applying over a dark surface, use a white primer prior to applying Writey Whiteboard Paint.

Writey whiteboard paint TRANSPARENT

Writing on the walls used to get you in trouble. Well now it’s not only allowed, it’s encouraged! Turn any colour wall into a beautiful dry-erase canvas with our revolutionary TRANSPARENT Whiteboard Paint. Our single part solution eliminates the mixing process that all 2 Part Paints require. The transparent finish allows you to create or preserve any colour you want! Transform previously unused wall space into a creative,

Best whiteboard paint in Malaysia

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